LÊ ÍCH HIẾU – Age:17

I had an interview for F1 visa on 31th July at 10 a.m., I the first place, I was really nervous, afraid that I can’t pass the interview.

When I was waiting for my turn, I saw a lot of people keep remind them what should they say in the interview and it made one get a little bit more nervous. So, I took several deep breath and told my self that “ Everything is fine” and it helped me a lot. When it come to my turn, I was very calm and I said “Good moorning sir, my full name is Le Ich Hieu, how are you today?” with a big smile. He asked me what do your parents do?, After that, he asked some information about my school like is it a religiuous school? Are you christian? After that, he told me “Welcome to U.S.” It is one of the most happiness moment In my life until now. Therefore, If you showed the CO that you are confident and friendly and smile is your best weapons but don’t force you. Do it naturally.