HỒ GIA MẪN – Age: 17

I had a F1 visa interview on August 4th 2017 at 10:15 a.m. with a man CO. Before my turn, I Stood behind another girl. I smiled with the CO to cause the first impression. Then, …

M: Good moorning Sir, My name is … This is my passport and I 20

CO: Look at the I-20 “You will study Michigan and tell me about this state”

M: “ Michigan is on the north of the U.S.

According to Travel Away website, Michigan is 1 of the 8 most beatiful states in the U.S.”

CO: “Oh, … I’ll check on the Internet”

CO: “Can I see your Học Bạ” Do you have IELTS certificate?

M: “ Yes” give him

CO: What do your parents do?

M: “…”

Co: typing… typing…typing- then, “you are quilified for visa” – Giving the pink paper.

Do not worry. Don’t afraid. Smile with the CO and have eye contact. Speak loudly and clearly. Then you will have visa. Good luck!