Being the knowledge bridge between Vietnamese students and a variety of valuable full/partial scholarships from reputable high schools and universities in the world, Viet Nam Hieu Hoc takes on the role in equipping and coaching students right from the first step in their journey to achieve the dream of studying abroad.

At Viet Nam Hieu Hoc, we strongly believe that: each student is a talent with distinguished abilities and strengths. President of the United States, John Adams once said: “Children should be educated and instructed in the principle of freedom.” Education is different from forcing students to fit in the framework, but helps them explore themselves through experiencing and learning. With this education philosophy, Viet Nam Hieu Hoc especially focuses on providing career orientation for students, in order to help them choose the most suitable school according to their abilities and interests, giving them a chance to reach to the limit of their capacity in the future.

Additionally, Viet Nam Hieu Hoc gives vision and strategies in the long run for students so that they can assert their abilities step by step, and reach their peak performance. Therefore, teaching requires love and patience to see the real potential in each student, help them to overcome initial difficulty, and support them fully on the journey of making their dreams come true.

For every student, English is an essential foundation that needs to be built before studying abroad. Viet Nam Hieu Hoc’s experienced teachers, who are professionals in IETLS training, will help students achieve their dream IELTS band for their scholarship application. However, this is just the necessary condition. Having excellent command in English doesn’t mean students can receive valuable scholarships, since there are many other important factors. Besides teaching English, Viet Nam Hieu Hoc guides students to pay their attention on excellent school reports, high SAT score (for university application), recommendation letter from Professors, and interview skills, etc

All of these conditions will help our students’ application profile become more outstanding and impressive, opening opportunities doors to many desirable scholarships.

Furthermore, Viet Nam Hieu Hoc notices that 90% of students who study abroad face many difficulties to adapt to the new environment in a foreign country because of their lack of necessary skills preparation. Therefore, Viet Nam Hieu Hoc will take initiative to equip students deep knowledge about culture, manners, mindset, and lifestyle of local people. This is an imperative preparation for students before they start their new lives in a new environment.

Viet Nam Hieu Hoc’s Criteria for Success is to make young Vietnamese generation ready to step into the world with firm knowledge, open mind, 21st century skills, self-responsibility and social responsibility.

Viet Nam Hieu Hoc Education Group proudly pronounces the mission of nurturing young Vietnamese talents and follows the goal of training Vietnamese student to “Become Eligible - Become Successful” all around the world.