[DakLak Provincial People’s Committee] 364 gifts distributed to underprivileged pupils in M’Drak District

The Association in Support Handicapped and Orphans of DakLak Province coordinated with Viet Nam Hieu Hoc Foundation to hold a charity program with the purpose to give 164 school supplies to the pupils of Hoa Sim Kindergarten and other village schools of number 7 and number 9 of M’Drak District. Each of the supplies included of 1 set of tin cans, 1 pair of sandals, 1 raincoat, 1 school-bag and confectionery.Mỗi suất quà trị giá 200.000 đồng gồm: 1 cà mèn đựng thức ăn, 1 đôi dép, 1 cặp sách, 1 bộ áo mưa và bánh kẹo.


Đại diện đoàn tặng quà tại điểm trường thôn 7, trường mẫu giáo Hoa Sim, xã Cư Króa, huyện M'Đrắk

 Pupils at Hoa Sim Kindergarten (Hamlet 7. Cu Kroa Commune, M’Drak District)

Hoa Sim Kindergarten has total 265 pupils in 3 campuses. Most of the pupils of village schools of 7 and 9 are H’Mong ethnic people emigrated from the north of Vietnam. These campus locations are such far from the center of commune that they are usually underserved of facilities and materials. Furthermore, the state budget has been partly sufficient to pay for the routine operational expenditures of schools. There is a fact that the ethnic minority groups of Cu Kroa commune still have a hard life, therefore the schools can not call on the people to mobilize funding support and implementation of educational socialization. The roads lead to the schools have been long under poor conditions that people have to suffer, especially in the rain seasons.

tre em nhu bup tren canh

The schools have to deal with these rough conditions throughout recently years so the board managers of the schools have to look for philanthropists everywhere for sponsors to their pupils with many necessities as of clothing, text books, school stationery… so that kids can maintain their study at schools.

Tặng quà cho các em học sinh tại xã Ea Trang
Tặng quà cho các em học sinh tại xã Ea Trang

Lastly, the organization visited and gave 200 school supplies to the underprivileged pupils in the remote area schools of Ea Trang Commune of M’Drak District. The total fund for this campaign is valued at 70 million Vietnamese Dong. The sources of the fund come from part of Viet Nam Hieu Hoc Foundation and the donation of benefactors from Ho Chi Minh City and DakLak Province.