Viet Nam Hieu Hoc Group was formerly a non-profit humanitarian foundation launched in February 2010 with a strong desire – All Vietnamese children can go to school. The brand name “Viet Nam Hieu Hoc” (i.e. Vietnamese people possessed of fondness to learn, which is also a tradition of the Vietnamese) is placed after the name of the Group, as the founder who completed the degree of arts in the USA and wished to return to her home country to dedicate to the community, help poor and disable Vietnamese children to overcome hardships, encourage them to stay in school.

Viet Nam Hieu Hoc Foundation operates based on fund raising from (i) a part of the revenue of Viet Nam Hieu Hoc Education Group, mainly the contributions of the founders individually, (ii) contributions of international and national donors, and (iii) contributions of educational institutions around the world. The foundation’s activities are open and transparent, and information of the beneficiaries is clearly and accurately posted so that sponsors can directly give out for the right situations. It is the enthusiasm and devotion of the non-profit social activists to share responsibility with the community, towards a humane society.

Viet Nam Hieu Hoc Group was established on January 21, 2013, under the monitor of the Department of Education and Training of Ho Chi Minh City. Viet Nam Hieu Hoc Group is an investment holding company, includes six companies and agencies in Vietnam and in the USA. We are Language Institute, International Training Programs, Education Immigration and Labour Export Agencies, Official Exclusive Representative for schools and universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and European countries. The goal of Viet Nam Hieu Hoc Group is to become a non-profit educational organization by year of 2034, which will operate in association with Viet Nam Hieu Hoc Foundation in projects on humanitarian aid for education and health.



  • Entrepreneur, Founder of World Talent Education, United States
  • Chairman of Board of Directors, Viet Nam Hieu Hoc Group
  • Philanthropist, Founder & President, Viet Nam Hieu Hoc Humanity Foundation
  • Fluency in languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean


  • General Director, Viet Nam Hieu Hoc Group
  • CEO, Viet Nam Hieu Hoc Educational Group
  • Former Canadian Immigration Counselor – Saskatchewan Immigration Services
  • Over 25 years of experience in the field of Education and Training, Senior Advisor on immigration and cooperation of Vietnam and international education programs


  • Director, Viet Nam Hieu Hoc Humanity Foundation
  • Deputy General Director, Viet Nam Hieu Hoc Group
  • Former Deputy Director, Project on Forest for Livelihood Improvement in the Central Highlands, funded by the Asian Development Bank and GFA
  • Former Vice President, Association for the Support of Handicapped and Orphans in Daklak Province