Founded in 1995, this private and Christian school is located in Temple City, Los Angeles, California, the capital of world leading information technology companies and groups such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Adobe, etc. The School is accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), its Advanced Placement courses have been approved by the College Board and the University of California. 

The school management pledges to provide students with high quality of college preparatory education, nurture and motivate students to develop their individual excellence in academical, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects through developing skills for creative and thoughtful expression and effective communication, habits for healthy living and positive social contribution, etc. Apart from a comprehensive academic program of college preparatory courses, the School offers the Advanced Placement courses and UC-approved courses (courses approved by the University of California) which are necessary for students to obtain admission to the most prestigious colleges and universities.

At A Glance

Attended by National and International Students from 09 Asian Countries


Students successfully enter into high ranking universities after graduation

Student-teacher ratio: 11:1


Student clubs with various interesting activities and events

Why This High School?

  • High-quality academic programs;
  • 100% of students successfully enter into high ranking universities after graduation;
  • Qualified, dedicated and friendly teachers who care well and assist students in identifying where they need to be;
  • Small class size enabling students to adapt to a new system and environment, facilitating the teachers to adjust their approach to a particular subject based on the level and personality of each class, and providing good interaction between the teacher and individual students;
  • Students to be well prepared for the next level of college and university, which includes pre-college courses and many electives such as: (i) Advanced Placement and UC-approved courses with credits equivalent to freshmen and sophomore level; (ii) Pre-SAT/Pre-ACT tests which provide student with information about his/her level in Math and English; etc.
  • Regular field trips to many local universities and interesting places on the weekends or during one of our vacation to top universities in the U.S;
  • Diverse extracurricular clubs and activities;

University Acceptances

The School’s students have been accepted by a hundred of universities in the USA. Below are some of the many high ranking universities that the School’s students pursue their study.

Vanderbilt University (#15 in National Universities)

Brandeis University (#40 in National Universities)

Emory University (#21 in National Universities)

Georgia Institute of Technology (#29 in National Universities)

University of California—Berkeley (#22 in National Universities)

Boston University (#40 in National Universities)

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA – #20 in National Universities)

Case Western Reserve University (#40 in National Universities)

University of Southern California (#22 in National Universities)

Northeastern University (#40 in National Universities)

New York University (#29 in National Universities)

University of California–Santa Barbara (#34 in National Universities)

For more information regarding admission or scholarship, we are here to help you. Please contact us via our Viet Nam Hieu Hoc Group offices.